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BADCOG manages 16 sites, all within a five mile radius of Blofield.  Sites cover a wide range of habitat such as:- fen, fen meadow, upland dry meadow, ponds, woodlands and churchyard conservation areas.

Below is a full list of the sites that BADCOG manages, either wholly or partly.


Howes Meadow.    Norfolk Flora Group Survey 17 June 2010        

Walsham Fen.      Norfolk Flora Group Survey 17 June 2010            

Jary’s Meadow.             

Buckenham Woods.

Railway Wood.

Moulton Pit Wood.        

Holly Lane Pond.      

Lingwood Pond.

Strumpshaw Stone Pit.   

Snowdrop Acre.

Blofield Churchyard conservation area.

Hemblington  Churchyard conservation area.

Lingwood Churchyard conservation area.

Limpenhoe Churchyard conservation area

Southwood Churchyard.            

Panxworth Churchyard. (Since 2013, the 'Friends of Panxworth Church' Group have managed this site)

In addition to the management of the above sites, BADCOG undertakes community projects, from hedge and tree planting, to helping and offering assistance to other groups, organizations and individuals.

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